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Lamb, hoggets and mutton

Because our sheep are 100% ‘grass-fed’ they grow more slowly than most, and so are generally not ready to slaughter until they are at least 15 months old.  This is better for the planet, and results in tastier meat - a frequent comment we get from our customers is that it is 'how lamb used to taste'.

Lambs in their second year are called 'hoggets', and their meat is tender, they are a good size and very tasty. We also occasionally have mutton (2 year old sheep) who we didn't get around to sending off to market the previous year. Although mutton takes more careful, slower cooking the meat is particularly rich in flavour.


To minimise any stress to the animals, they are transported direct to our local abattoir in Ashburton (30 mins away). They then go to Taste of the West medal winning, local butchers  who will joint it to your specification (an  option for the larger breeds is to split them into 2 or 4-person portion sizes), then label and vacuum pack it so it’s ready for freezing.  A typical half lamb / hogget / mutton box will contain:

  • 2 leg joints (typically 1.0 - 1.2 kg) or as a single joint in the 4 person pack

  • 2 shoulders (typically 1.0 - 1.2 kg) or as a single joint in the 4 person pack

  • Rib Rack or Rib chops

  • 7 Loin Chops

  • Mince 

The weight varies according to the breed. We mostly have Icelandic's & Shetlands that will be minimum 6 kg,  and we have some Black Welsh mountain who are typically 8 kg and a few Swartlbles that are 10 kg+


£10/ kg so £70 for a typical 7kg ½ lamb / hogget box - but please let us know if you'd prefer a larger or smaller animal.

To order, please email us.

You can also order individual joints, chops & packs of mince (along with lots of other tasty goodies from like-minded sustainable local producers) from Good Food Exeter - Exeter's online Farmers market.   

What you get in a  large  hogget box cut for 4 people.