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A pack of lamb mince - perfect for shepherd's pie or meatballs.


This is from a sheep born and raised on our nature friendly Dartmoor Farm. 

Along with our cattle they graze extensively across the farm helping to maintain a wide range of wildlife habitats. To minimise their carbon footprint, they are 100% grass-fed for life (i.e. they are never fed any cereals) which means they mature more slowly and so are called hoggets, which is the name given to lambs in their second year. As a result, their meat is a finer texture than ‘normal’ lamb and is best cooked more gently to bring out a real rich flavour – several people have told us ‘they taste how lamb used to taste’. Grass-fed meat is also naturally high in antioxidants, Omega 3, vitamins and minerals.

To ensure it reaches you in prime condition, it is vacuum packed and frozen immediately after being prepared.



Minced lamb

PriceFrom £7.00
  • We are a working farm and don’t have a shop on site.  Most people come and collect their meat, combining it with a walk. We are around most of the time, so once you have ordered, let us know when would be convenient (your order confirmation email has our contact info) and we’ll put your order aside and confirm that we will be in.  

    We also offer free delivery locally for orders over £60 and can overnight courier to England and Wales in an insulated box for £15 (but please check before ordering).

    Note all meat is frozen, so will keep for many months – just cook within 3 days of defrosting.

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