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Sheepskin Rugs


We choose the best of our Organic sheepskins to be made into luxurious rugs. Undyed to keep their natural colours they are processed by the highly skilled craftspeople using traditional techniques at Britain’s oldest tannery at Buckfastleigh on the edge of Dartmoor. The long fibre (staple) length of our Shetland sheep makes curing the skins challenging, but the resulting softness and depth of pile makes up for it.  

Each rug is unique with the natural colours of our Shetland crossed Icelandic sheep, but they are all super soft, comfy and hard wearing. Great on seats, as a bedroom mat, or as a pet bed – though we found wherever you put them, it will be taken over by a cat!

Generally, a good shake is enough to clean them, though if necessary they can also be gently hand washed (treat like silk – cool and gentle or it will try to become felt).

You can either buy through the website and we will post to anywhere in the UK, or if you’re not sure which one you want as photos can’t match seeing and feeling them, please get in touch to arrange to come out and you can pick and choose.

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