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Lamb, hoggets and mutton

Whilst currently most of our lambs (and calves) go to nearby lowland farmers (who have more grass) for finishing, we are keen to develop our business to be able to supply meat direct to people who care about their food comes from. 


Because our sheep are 100% ‘pasture-fed’ they grow more slowly than most, and so are generally not ready to slaughter until they are at least 15 months old.  This is better for the planet, and results in tastier meat. Lambs in their second year are called 'hoggets', and their meat is still tender, but they are a good size and very tasty. We also occasionally have mutton (2 year old sheep) who we didn't get around to sending off to market the previous year. Although mutton takes more careful, slower cooking the meat is particularly rich in flavour.


To minimise any stress to the animals, they are transported direct to our local abattoir in Ashburton (30 mins away). They then go to Taste of the West medal winning, local butchers  who will joint it to your specification (an  option for the larger breeds is to split them into 2 or 4-person portion sizes), then label and vacuum pack it so it’s ready for freezing.  A typical half lamb / hogget / mutton box will contain:

  • 2 leg joints (typically 1.0 - 1.2 kg for Icelandic/Shetland & 1.7 kg fpr a Zwartble)

  • 2 shoulders (typically 1.0 - 1.2 kg for Icelandic/Shetland & 1.6 kg fpr a Zwartble)

  • Rib Rack or Rib chops

  • 7 Loin Chops

  • Mince / cubes 

The weight varies according to the breed. We mostly have Icelandic's & Shetlands that will be minimum 6 kg,  and we have some Black Welsh mountain who are typically 8 kg and a few Swartlbles that are 10 kg+

What you get in a  typical lamb box.

Pricing:  £65 for a typical 6kg ½ lamb / hogget box, but as weights vary we deduct or add £6.50/kg if they are larger or smaller - and please let us know what size you'd prefer.



Following requests for beef, we have just (June 17th 2020) had one of our Welsh Black cattle expertly butchered and packed after being hung for 14 days. Being slow grown and 100% pasture fed for life he is very lean, but very tasty. Because it has so little fat, we recommend cooking as you would game or venison rather than standard beef – so either super-fast, or slow. Trepidatiously we tried a pack of the sirloin tonight in a stir fry with cabbage, mushrooms, with pasta stirred in at the end and thankfully it was delicious.

Not having sold our beef direct before, we are offering a pick and mix of joints, steak, mince and cubes or a 5 – 6kg selection / taster box, and have made the prices as competitive as we can. It’s all been vacuum packed and gone straight into our freezers, so will be good at least 6 months – just use it with 3 days of defrosting.

To order, please reply with a list of what you want, and where there is a range of pack sizes, whether you’ve any preference for small, average or large. We’ll then set it aside for you in our freezer ready for you to collect (or we can deliver locally), and let you know the price – payment by BACS preferred. If you order more than £50 (excluding selection boxes), we’ll knock 10% off the total price and 15% off if it’s over £100.

5 - 6kg Beef Selection box - £50:

  • Joint each of topside and chuck, a pack of sirloin or rump steak, a pack of shin and 1 kg each of mince and dice.



  • Topside (1.1 – 2.3kg joints): £10/kg. We like to roast these slowly, with either a touch of water in the pan, or braised over a bed of vegetables. Alternatively, sliced and cut into strips it is perfect for marinating and flash-frying.

  • Brisket (1.4 – 1.9kg): £9/kg

  • Chuck (1.2 – 2kg joint):  £10/kg: Left as a joint so you can choose to either slow roast it, cut it into steaks (often called braising steaks) or dice it for stews and casseroles.   PLEASE NOTE this is the best choice for casseroles, curries or stews but it is virtually fat free – so it will not have that greasy taste you often get with beef.

  • Silverside (1.4 – 1.7kg): £12/kg These make a great pot-roast or stew.

  • Rib on bone (1.4 – 2.1kg): £15/kg

  • Rib off bone: (2.1 kg) £20/kg:

  • Short ribs (0.9 – 1.4kg): .£10/kg.  Also known as Jacobs ladder



  • Fillet steak: (0.4 – 0.5kg packs): £30/kg. The most tender of the steaks.

  • Sirloin steak (approx. 0.5kg packs): £20/kg

  • Rump steaks (0.5 – 0.6kg packs): £15/kg

  • Tomahawk steak (0.75 – 1.05kg): £15/kg. One for the ‘Desperate Dan’ in your life. A serious chunk of prime ribeye on the whole rib bone – so it is a mini-rib of beef.


Other cuts and mince

  • Lean diced beef: (0.9 – 1.1kg packs). £10/kg As with the rest of the meat these are very lean.

  • Lean mince (0.9 – 1.1kg packs): £8/kg

  • Shin (0.5 – 1kg packs):  £7/kg. A bargain cut that is brilliant cooked in stout.

  • Skirt (0.5 – 0.65hg packs): £10/kg. This is the traditional cut used in pasties, or pies. Cook it long and slow to tenderise it and bring out its rich flavour.

Wool and fleeces

Please get in touch if you'd like to buy any of our wool or fleeces.  The Shetland and Icelandic's come in a wide range of colours, so if you come and see us beforehand or make arrangements to come on shearing days you can meet the sheep, choose the ones you like most we'll try and we'll get it clipped for you.